Travel to England: what are the most beautiful places to visit?

To make a trip you need to have several reasons. These are the reasons that allow you to make the right choice by choosing the right destination. Some people think that travel has no impact on the person who takes it, but the opposite is true. Every destination, like England for example, always has an effect on who you are because of the new things you discover. What makes England so fascinating, this article will tell us. Read it to the end.

The air of Portofino

This place, which is at the top of the list of proposals of beautiful places to visit in England, is unavoidable for its beauty. This is the very first quality that we find in it. It is located in Polperro, a small village in the middle of Cornwall. People practice fishing there, especially the Italians. It’s a very popular place because, besides the fishing that attracts a lot of people, there is also the cleanliness and the good atmosphere that reigns on the territory, especially when the British need to sunbathe. In Polperro, it is fresh and purely natural air that everyone breathes. The architecture of the houses and their layout is so attractive that it cannot fail to attract.

The beautiful landscape of the Jurassic Coast

This second place is no less attractive. It is as clean and beautiful as the first one. This coast is known all over the world and is a dream for its splendor. No one dreams of finding such a marvel anywhere on this earth and yet it exists. The coast has received the appreciation of Unesco and is now part of its cultural heritage to be valued. It is also a chance for England to be part of the countries that have produced something new for the world. The coast also has a gateway that is called the Durdle Gateway while itself is called the Jurassic Coast of Dorset. It is very favorable to great reflections and solitude.