Travel to Dubai: what are the most beautiful places to visit?

Today, the city of Dubai is known to everyone, even those who have never traveled in their lives. What they know about the city is that it is a rather modest city where you can find prestigious buildings and where important people live. Since this city is seen as such, many young people seek to go there to live their youth. They do it because the simple fact of going there is already a feat that not everyone can do.

The Safari dessert

This is one of the deserts that has a good connotation. Contrary to what people usually think of deserts, it is a good place to live in Safari. The influx to the Safari desert is disturbing because we don’t know what makes this attraction possible. What it is about is the particularity that this desert of Dubai carries. The inhabitants knew how to equip it with the necessary material so that people do not find it disgusting. This desert has been remodeled in such a way that some cars can drive around. This makes the distance to do short and willing to come back for more experience.

The beaches of Dubai

In Dubai, nothing is missing. Everything you need to have fun and spend unforgettable moments is there. The beach that Dubai offers to the tourist is sought after. It is a beach that is out of the ordinary of beaches. The shoreline is neat and tidy. The trees are well maintained and offer a very good breath. The natural air circulates with the natural scent of the trees specially planted to give the beach a new glow. The water is so clean and bathing in it gives a great feeling that makes you want to stay forever.

Islands of the world

We are talking about a kind of private artificial island distribution. Dubai has a good number of them divided into categories of houses and centers. In the first case it is about real estate and private houses. In the second case it is dream resorts in addition to community islands.